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How to Create a Web Page the Right Way

Step 10: Validate Your Code and Make Your Pages Accessible




You'll want to write your HTML or XHTML carefully, of course, but none of us are perfect. We're only human, so once in a while you'll make mistakes which may make content on your web pages inaccessible to some visitors or devices.

These mistakes can be found and for the most part, corrected by a program called a linter. And they can be pointed out by another program called a validator, which compares your code with W3C's standards and lists the errors. You then need to correct the errors manually.

Here are some articles on the benefits of validation:


''W3C has made 2 programs to verify the HTML syntax. Both uses different algorithms: - W3C Validator is based on SGML and the verification of the DTD of the page (defined in the DOCTYPE) - HTML Tidy is called a 'linter', [or] lexer. In short, it parses the page and tr[ies] to understand the errors. Both technologies have their advantages and disadvantages.'' - Marc's CyberHome

''Unlike a validator, a linter doesn't check specifically against a published set of rules for HTML. Instead, it looks for common mistakes (and sometimes just poor formatting that isn't necessarily technically wrong) and points them out... Since linters and validators look for different types of errors on a web page, it's very often a good idea to use them both.'' - AnyBrowser.org

First, run your web pages through HTML Tidy to fix, or try to fix, most of the HTML or XHTML errors you may have made. (Make sure the Output to XHTML setting is set to YES if you want your web pages to be in XHTML.)

And if you want to check your web pages for accessibility problems to visitors with disabilities, or older computers, software or devices with TidyUI for example, set the Accessibility setting to A, AA or AAA. After running TidyUI on a page, the accessibility problems and other errors will be listed in the bottom window if you maximize TidyUI to fit your whole screen.

Then make sure to either add the accessibility code you need manually for the problems it didn't fix, or if you have Windows, create the necessary accessibility code with A-Prompt (see below).

Learn More About HTML Tidy

HTML Tidy's Configuration Options

HTML Tidy Linters:


After cleaning the code in your pages with HTML Tidy, check your HTML or XHTML with W3C's HTML / HXMTL validator to make sure it's valid and fix any remaining errors manually. Also check your CSS with W3C's CSS validator, if you have any.

NOTE: You need to have DOCTYPE information in your web pages before using the HTML / XHTML validator.

Here's the DOCTYPE information to add to your web pages:




Check your HTML or XHTML with an accessibility checker to identify and correct accessibility problems, as a first step to making sure it's accessible to as many visitors and devices as possible.

Why 'Bobby Approved' Is Not Enough

Accessibility Checkers:


Now you're truly ready to look for a web host for your web site and upload your web pages and images onto the Internet.

If you have a question about any of these steps, contact me and I'll try to answer them for you.

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