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The Cases for a Creator, the Bible, Christmas & Faith

Knowing as little as we do about the universe, and not being able to be everywhere in space and time at once, is it wise to believe truth is relative? That there's no absolute truth? That there's no God?

Or is there compelling evidence that suggests a loving, merciful, just and involved creator and sustainer God exists? That the whole Bible is reliable and relevant today?

That Jesus existed and was, as he claimed to be and Old Testament writers prophesied he would be, our divine / human savior from dysfunction / abuse, addiction and broken marriages and ultimately also selfishness, corruption, greed, violence, disaster, disease and death and the sadness, anger, frustration, hopelessness and misery they cause?

And that people who have believed those prophecies and his claim and made it and his teachings personal, have experienced and enjoyed what he promised to replace some of the things mentioned earlier with in the present world and all of them with one day soon: a life, family, community and even world filled with peace, health, prosperity, lasting happiness and meaning?

Examine the evidence.

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