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How to Relieve Muscle Pain with Trigger Point Self-Treatment


"...an amazing number of our common aches and pains - and a variety of other puzzling physical symptoms - have been found to be caused by myofascial trigger points. In fact, trigger points have been proven to be the primary cause of pain roughly 75 percent of the time and to be part of nearly every pain problem."

- Clair Davies, NCTMB, author of The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook

If your pain is caused by muscular trigger points, knots of constantly firing muscle fibers, which usually refer or cause pain elsewhere, they can, in most cases, be deactivated with massage using a tennis ball*...

...provided you are guided by the few diagrams and brief information on The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook website or better yet, the very helpful additional information and diagrams in the workbook which, again and again, have ended my pain, restored my mobility, relieved my misery, and saved me from costly and unnecessary surgery and will for you too.

How can I be sure? Because the information provided is not based on quack or quasi science or medicine. It has been proven by respected medical researchers recognized as the foremost authorities in their field. So the treatments will, if followed carefully, end your stiffness and / or pain and enable you get on with your life.

"Regrettably, long-accepted kinds of medical treatment frequently make repetitive strain injuries worse by inadvertently creating more trigger points and more myofascial pain."

"For many people, physical therapy, instead of helping, only adds to their trouble. The stretching exercises that have become almost a religion in the United States and other parts of the world can actually irritate trigger points and make them resistant to therapy."

"Incredibly, there are physicians and physical therapists who still deny the existence of trigger points, even though they have been photographed through the light microscope, can be felt with the fingers, and have been written about in medical journals for over sixty years!" - Clair Davies

Please Note: The website may not provide the vital information the workbook does on posture that if corrected, will allow you to avoid getting trigger points in the future.

If you get the workbook, which I highly recommend doing, don't be like me and learn the hard way that you need to pay attention to the information on what forms of bad posture and sleep, work and play habits can cause trigger points to form...

...such as, standing or sitting slouched, sitting with legs crossed or knees up, laying with knees bent, sitting or laying with a bent or twisted spine, inactivity / a sedentary lifestyle, sitting for too long without a break, sitting on a firm or hard chair or surface, etc.

Heed the recommendations and apply them and you'll greatly increase your likelyhood of remaining free of trigger points and the problems and misery they cause.

(* If you have or can borrow a tennis ball and can benefit from the limited information on the website, your therapy is free. However, deactivating some trigger points may require or at least be easier or more effective with the guidance of the workbook and the use of a Thera Cane or Back Knobber.)

How to Stay Safe at MySpace and Other Web Hangouts


MySpace.com and other Web hangouts open doors to very grave dangers for teens. Follow NBC's investigation to learn what you can do, depending on your child's age and your level of commitment, to keep your child safe from online predators.

Asbestos-Contaminated Vermiculite


''Three Mile Island. Exxon Valdez. Bhopal. Chernobyl. These are the environmental disasters that make us fearful of what Industry -- industry with a capital "I" -- can do to our safety and our environment. Add to that list Libby, Montana.'' - ABC

How You Can Help the Needy


A Worthy Alternative to Windows Vista


Before buying Windows Vista or a Windows Vista PC, seriously consider:

Virtually Worry-Free Computing - Sufficiently Secure and Private Web Browsing or Surfing


WARNING: If a key logger is installed on your computer, the following methods will be unable to keep your private data sufficiently secure and private.

I strongly recommend always using one of these secure encryption key fillers and one of these secure web form fillers to prevent key loggers from stealing your encryption keys, passwords and Web form data.

Tired of worrying about having the latest Windows, antivirus and antispyware updates to keep your computer from getting infected and your private data stolen? Or of it getting infected anyway by ''zero day'' attacks before updates have been made available for them?

Want an operating system that lets you try out software on your desktop or laptop PC and surf the Web without having to worry about such things?

One that completely removes malware, if it does get infected, simply by rebooting or restarting? One that lets your kid(s) or a nonsavvy computer user change, delete or mess it up, only to make itself new again on reboot?

Use a Virtual Operating System in a Secured Operating System
(recommended by experts for Windows users)

Or better yet, use a Windows, Mac OS or GNU/Linux Live CD, DVD or USB on a read-only CD-R, DVD-R or USB drive (recommended by banks for online banking) with mobile software and private data on an encrypted removable medium.

Attention Laptop Notebook Users!


Seagate Introduces Full Disk Encryption for Laptops Notebooks, an Industry First

Data on Momentus drives that are stolen remain fully protected even when repurposed (installed on another computer)!

Technology Papers and Details of the Momentus 4200, 5400 and 7200 Hard Drives

Free, Spam-Proof PHP Script


Tired of getting inundated with spam sent to you from your web forms? Use this great script rated 5 out of 5 by HotScripts.com and breath a sigh of relief!

Internet Freedom in Danger of Being Lost


As unbelievable as it sounds, the U.S. Congress is pushing a law that would abandon the Internet's First Amendment - a principle called Network Neutrality. This is no joke. The threat is real. Save the Internet as we know it. Join the fight for Internet freedom.

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