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How to Create a Web Page the Right Way

Step 9: Consider Applying These Tips

Tip 1: Use an AntiSpam E-Mail Form or Image

If you don't want to get spam in your e-mail inbox, DON'T put your e-mail address in your web pages. skip

Why Am I Getting All This Spam?

In fact, I recommend avoiding trying to hide it with code tricks using such things as ASCII or Javascript or a combination of them, because spammers' e-mail harvesters are getting more and more sophisticated all the time, and will in time be able to harvest such hidden e-mail addresses. skip

Instead, if your site doesn't have access to PHP, use HForm.com's inexpensive e-mail form service in combination with a standards-compliant and accessible e-mail form. Read one of the following guides to learn how.

If your web site has access to PHP, create a customized e-mail form with ASoft's AContact Form (rated 5 out of 5 by HotScripts.com), a free, customizable, PHP, contact form script that prevents e-mail address harvesting, bandwidth theft and automatic form filling by spam bots (with a customizable verification word instead of an image for accessibility).

AContact Form puts your e-mail address in a separate PHP script file, which is inaccessible to spammers' harvesting bots, instead of your e-mail form code.

Note: You'll need to either tell others in person or by e-mail what the word is, or post the word on the page your contact form is on, so visitors will know what to enter. But don't make it appear automatically in the form entry with the value attribute! That will disable it's protection!

Then if you start getting spam from that form, change the word both in the config file and on your form page. But that should be very rare, since instead of visiting and viewing the form themselves, most spammers search for contact forms with software which won't be able to learn the word.


Other free, secure form scripts, tutorial and image converters:

Tip 2: Use an AntiSpam Guestbook


Hosted Guestbooks:


Guestbook Scripts:


Antispam Protection for Web Forms:


Tip 3: SSI (Server Side Includes)

If your web host supports SSI (Server Side Includes), use this feature to download and display your navigation links on every web page from one external file, so that when you need to make changes to them, you can do it only once to that one file, instead of to every web page. skip

SSI Tutorials:


CAUTION: If you'll be using highly confidential ASP / PHP code (or any other web technology), like your database connection string or some business logic, in your include file, make sure the include file is named .asp / .php so that no one can open the include file and see your code.

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