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Today, wherever we go, the world is in trouble. Men and women everywhere are seeking the solution to insurmountable moral, personal, social, national and international problems. Underneath is a longing to know the real meaning of life and the future.

Is this all there is? Is this as good as it gets in this crazy world?

Are popularity, accomplishment, recognition, respect, wealth, power, fame, even religion not cutting it? Have you tried all the world's got to offer and in so doing come up empty and unsatisfied? Feel like there's nowhere to turn?

Then I encourage you to investigate the big questions about life and sincerely hope you find what I believe is the source of deep and lasting peace, relevance, meaning and happiness.

Been having a bad day? Grieving the death of a loved one? Here are some words that I hope will give you encouragement and hope and a new outlook on life. skip

Is your religion or spirituality true because you believe it or do you believe it because it's true? Can you explain why you believe the way you do in a logical, intellectual way? Take a thoughtful, fascinating tour of the world's religions that will help you find or afirm your own perspective. skip

Some people believe the Bible is a book of myths and legends and esentially irrational, sophomoric and irrelevant. Others believe parts of it (most likely the parts they agree with) are inspired by God.

Yet still others believe the Bible gives evidence of its reliability and inspiration by God so widespread and compelling, they are convinced not only that the whole Bible is inspired by God, but that far from it being irrational, sophomoric and irrelevant, it is rational, deeply intellectual, defensible, reliable and trustworthy and very relevant today.

So relevant that in daily, prayerful reading, especially study, of it's passages, their lives have completely changed for the better, something their families and friends, even the skeptical ones, can confirm.

I encourage you to investigate the evidence in the Bible of a loving, forgiving, fair and personal God and sincerely hope and pray you find what you're looking for:

...an all-powerful, forgiving and caring friend who has given us a love letter and guide to a meaningful, fulfilling life, promising again and again to always be there for us, through good times and bad. skip

Why does God allow bad things to happen to people? Is God slow to forgive and forget? Is God going to torture bad people in hell for eternity? Does God control us or give us freedom? Does God want us to obey out of fear or out of love?

If God exists and the Bible is reliable, are most Christians right in what they believe the Bible says about these troubling questions? Or are they mistaken? skip

Non-Christians tend to see Christians as hypocritical, non-intellectual, naive, even stupid, using Christianity as a crutch to get through life.

However, committed Christians, after carefully and prayerfully studying the Bible, argue - and scholars agree - there is compelling evidence that God, through the Bible's writers, very accurately predicted - not wrote after the fact - that a representative would be sent to show us what God is like, rescue us from and banish evil and give us an eternal life of peace and meaningful communion.

They also argue there is ample, compelling evidence in their own lives that Jesus' promise to send another representative to change their hearts and minds to his way of thinking has come true and that they are enjoying the benefits of that change...

...such as victory over character flaws, dysfunction and addictions, healthy relationships, peace of mind and confident hope of his guidance and help through life's trials and of his soon coming.

Former skeptics, even once-ardent atheists, who have become believers, agree and claim, from personal experience, that there is definitely something revolutionary about Christmas. skip

It's A Scary World Out There

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"One doesn't have to be a bearded, barefoot 'prophet' walking the streets with a sandwich board that reads, 'Repent! The End Is Near!' in order to sense that our earth has seen its better days."

"After all, we live in a world where there is, it seems, one natural disaster after another: tsunamis that wreak havoc over huge chunks of land, sometimes in several countries; tornadoes and hurricanes that tear up towns; earthquakes that destroy cities; droughts that devastate crops - the list goes on and on."

"Some of the world's most serious thinkers fear that our time here may be more limited than we'd like to imagine. No less a luminary than Dr. Stephen Hawking, arguably the world's greatest living scientist, has warned about the demise of life on earth..."

"Others see it as well. Foreign Policy, one of America's top journals of international affairs, ran an article called "The End of the World." Though written in the context of the media hype about the movie 2012, the article started out with words that sounded as if they were lifted from an evangelistic sermon: 'While the apocalypse is pretty unlikely to come in 2012, it does have to happen sooner or later.' "

The Good News

"...many people, and with some valid reasons, too, fear the end of the world. And the fact is - our world will end. But, contrary to what most people think, that end doesn't have to be bad news. The Bible does indeed predict that our world, as it now exists, will not last forever."

"The good news [it presents], however, is that in its place God will create a new and better world - one without sin, sickness, suffering, and death, all the things that make life on this world so hard, even, at times, miserable."

"The Bible and science agree that this world, as it now exists, will not last forever. Science, however - with the exception of far-fetched fantasies about humans getting themselves out of here in spaceships before it's too late - doesn't offer us much hope..."

"In contrast, the Bible, when talking about the end of the world, offers a wonderful hope... a brand-new world where all the things that make this one so hard will never again arise." - Clifford Goldstein, Signs of the Times

"Cultures in every part of the world have focused on symbols and events that would signal when the end times would be upon us. Are those predictions coming to pass? Which predictions should we believe? And is it possible that in the 21st century, science and faith might come together to give us the answers?" - i Network

"In this day and age, when we see signs all around us, we must be careful of the way in which we interpret them and of how we understand their significance. Too often we can get caught up in events that cause all kinds of excitement and drama and anticipation, only to have them fade into nothing."

"These kinds of things, once finished, can leave [us] disgruntled, disappointed, and even full of doubt. We need to be vigilant, but we also need to be cautious, wise, and humble as we seek to read and discern the signs of the times." - Goldstein

"These special presentations bring a modern spin to ancient prophecies when they take on these questions and more in intriguing investigations into the most alarming trends to hit the headlines in recent years." - i Network skip

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