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Want to live a long, happy, healthy, low-stress life? Here's how:

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Get Spiritually Healthy

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As you probably know all too well...

1. ...unresolved emotional issues are dangerous to our spiritual health.

2. ...life can be short. We need only listen to the news or lose a loved one to be painfully reminded of that. We never know when our lives might end, so always putting off getting right with God till tomorrow could cost you an eternity of wonderful, blissful happiness that God wants very much for you to experience and enjoy.

Are you willing to take that risk? Because behaving badly won't be what'll cause some to lose out on eternity with God. It'll be failing to chose God rather than self. And eternity wouldn't be the same without you. So please, PLEASE get right with God now, while you still can. skip

Or take one of the Bible courses I've linked to, to learn about God and His plan for you, then when you've completed the Bible course, give your heart, mind and life to God that same day. Don't put it off. Do it that same day, while you still can. Believe me. You won't regret it.

In fact, depending on your childhood and your present situation, if you've been carrying around a heavy burden, you just may feel it go away and feel a deep sense of peace in its place, and enjoy getting to know the most wonderful, loving Person in the universe.

But even if you don't experience that right away, and need to deal first with the damage caused by trauma, abuse or genes tainted by dysfunctional behavior, negative emotions and stress, if you're teachable, you will eventually!

Note: There are some things you need to know before studying the Bible. (To take a Bible course, click on ''What does the Bible say about...?'' and on ''What does Bible Prophecy say about your future?'')

Then find and join a group of fellow, fallible, human Christians to worship God with, who's beliefs are based on the Bible, instead of the traditions of well-meaning, but misguided men, and who are committed and active in applying God's biblical truths in their daily lives. skip

Then, to let your community know you've made the decision to leave your old life behind and start a new life with God, get baptized. Do you have to be perfect to be baptized? No, but you do have to be committed to doing God's will for baptism to be meaningful. skip

Baptism's absence in the second part of Mark 16:16 shows that only faith that causes us to be committed to doing God's will is necessary for salvation. But its inclusion with faith in John 3:5 and the first part of Mark 16:16 shows that such a faith will - barring special circumstances, like the thief on the cross, that make it impossible - cause all who have it to get baptized to show their commitment to doing God's will.

Never forget that your fellow Christians aren't perfect! If we were, we wouldn't need God to love others unconditionally, including our enemies, or to live forever with Him! There are too many people, unfortunately, who have chosen to not have anything to do with God because of how they've seen or heard so-called Christians act.

Don't let yourself be one of them. Don't judge God by His followers. Give Him a real, honest chance.

Study the Bible every morning for the rest of your life. That's right. Don't just read it. Instead, study it to learn more about God, to help you learn right from wrong and truth from traditon and end-time deceptions, to give you the power to resist the temptation to do wrong (in thought as well as in act), to replace your conditional love-prone character with God's unconditional love-filled character, and to keep your heart and mind close to God.

Some of the Bible's truths are easy to find, but many aren't. Search for its hidden truths as you would dig for hidden treasure.

Give your heart and life to God each day. Talk to Him in prayer as you would to your best friend, and share with Him all your joys, your sorrows, your worries and concerns.

Every month, give back to God the 10 percent of your income, the tithe, that belongs to Him. It's needed to spread the good news of Jesus' free and infinite gift, and to warn people before they lose out on eternity.

God will richly bless you in doing so. Sometimes in income, and at least in ever-increasing peace and happiness. In fact, test God and see if He doesn't bless you even more after giving Him more than 10 percent of your income in tithe, not counting your offering.

To the extent God has blessed you, give accordingly in both tithe and offering when the offering plate is passed to you in church, or by mail if you're unable to attend. skip

As you learn about God in your study of the Bible and in your personal life, tell others daily, if you can, what you've learned, being very careful to do it in a loving, tactful way, instead of forcing it on them and threatening them with hell if they don't want to listen.

After all, people will always judge God by our behavior, whether we like it or not, and you don't want to turn them off, if you can help it, about God and make them lose the opportunity to learn what God has done for you.

In the mean time, watch what you eat, drink, read, watch and listen to. Even what you think, say and do, and who you hang out with. They all have a powerful effect on your ability to stay faithful to your relationship with God.

Check out the CREATION and NEWSTART health guidelines and read ''Mind, Character and Personality'' (Volume 2) and ''Counsels on Diet and Foods'' to learn how deeply our spiritual health is affected by what we eat, think, read, watch, and do.

That's right. Building a relationship with God, staying faithful to Him instead of yourself, and securing eternal life with Him won't be a walk in the park. Unlike what some Christians believe, it won't be just a matter of ''getting saved.''

It'll take work and dedication, as any relationship does, but such effort will be infinitely rewarding, and will be do-able (possible) if you deal with the damage caused by dysfunctional parents, teachers, ministers / clergy, friends, co-workers, strangers, etc., if you've suffered such damage;

and keep an eye...

  1. on the reward that's waiting for us if we do what it takes to stay faithful to God;
  2. on the nature of the amazing sacrifice made 2000 years ago by our infinitely loving Savior, who's waiting eagerly to give all of us our reward, if we'll accept His amazing sacrifice for us and give Him our hearts, minds and lives;
  3. on how completely powerless His sacrifice shows us to be in earning eternal life on our own, and in doing even one good deed, without our Savior's grace, thereby revealing how completely dependent we are on Him for developing a truly selfless character and securing eternal life; and...
  4. on the true nature of our Savior, who took an infinite risk and paid an infinite price for our eternal destiny, and who STILL would've taken that risk and paid that price even if you were the only person on Earth.

Test God and see if He isn't all that you want Him to be and more, and if He won't indeed give you everything you really need to be truly happy, and do whatever it takes to help you develop a selfless, unconditionally loving, Christlike character and ultimately gain eternal life someday very soon.

Just remember that without daily Bible study and prayer and sharing with others what you've learned about God, your relationship with God will eventually wither and die. So spend time with Him every morning, and get to know the most wonderful, loving, forgiving and merciful Person you'll ever know.

Do these things faithfully every day, and your life will never be the same again. You'll fall in love with our real God, the God who loves us unconditionally and is eager to forgive us and restore us to health, happiness and deep, lasting peace. skip

Health and Family Links

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