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Security and Privacy Guide

Antiadware and Antispyware


If you use Windows, your hard drive most likely has spyware and adware on it. If you go online every day, use antiadware and antispyware software every day to find and remove them.

Or if you don't want to deal with that, choose one of the following options. skip


Run Spy Sweeper (commercial - PC Magazine Editor's Choice, Oct. 2005) or, if removing all spyware and adware isn't a concern, Ad-Aware (free and commercial - has fallen behind, according to a Feb. 2005 PC Magazine article) to remove them.

Spy Sweeper and Ad-Aware Plugins for BartPE or better yet Ultimate Boot CD for Windows: skip

Then use Spybot and Windows Defender (requires Internet Explorer, Windows Installer 3.1 or later and Windows validation to download and install, and DCOM and Windows Defender services to work) to remove web bugs and any spyware and adware that Ad-Aware may have missed. (Before using them each time, be sure to check for updates.)

Or use one of these programs. (Read the privacy articles above to learn about spyware and web bugs.)

Antispyware Plugins for BartPE or better yet Ultimate Boot CD for Windows: skip

After you've removed the spyware and adware from your hard drive with Spybot and Ad-Aware, or one of the commercial programs, use SpywareBlaster | and SpywareGuard to minimize further pestware on your computer.

Before using them each time, be sure to check for updates. (They may not block all further spyware and adware, so scan your hard drive often with Ad-Aware and Spybot just in case some get through.)

Or use this HOSTS file to keep spyware, adware and browser hijackers from installing when visiting unfamiliar web sites. Then lock the HOSTS file with SpyBot or WinPatrol, to keep the unruly pestware from changing it.

Video Tutorial: Secure Your PC with the HOSTS File



If your browser gets hijacked, or an unwanted startup item or button gets added, use one of the following software to remove the pest.

Cookie Manager

Use an eraser / wiper / shredder to securely erase advertisers' tracking cookies from your hard drive. Then use a cookie manager to filter all further cookies, keeping the ones you need and blocking the ones you don't. (Read the privacy articles above to learn about cookies.)

More Security and Privacy Software

For more top security and privacy software programs, visit these web sites.


Security and Privacy Guide

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