"Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal
and give strength to body and soul." - John Muir   Get Kids Outdoors - Get Active - Get Walking


Unique Sites, Web Sites and Artists

Enjoy black and white photography?
Check out a twist on this beautiful art form, contemporary, photo-realistic, black and white painting.

Like looking for treasure? Ever heard of GeoCaching?
Discover the fun world of treasure hunting at GeoCaching.com.

Tired of city life?
Check out what I believe are some of the most wonderful magazines on Earth! Magazines such as Country, Reminisce and Taste of Home, with beautiful pictures and enchanting stories of country life, and believe it or not, no ads!

Enjoy driving a car or riding a motorcycle through scenic country roads?

Watch these TV shows about wonderful places in California to visit and enjoy:

Be sure to also watch my favorite world travel shows:

Want an amazing experience you won't soon forget? Watch or listen to these: skip

And check out these fascinating theme parks for the young and young at heart:

Enjoy claymation? Animated films done with clay? Check out my favorite award-winning claymation series, Wallace and Gromit, and others.

Learning a second language? Or want to use it before you lose it?
Practice speaking your second language with a native speaker while they practice speaking yours.
Visit My Language Exchange

See why the eHarmony Personality Profile is making eHarmony.com the fastest growing relationship site on the web.
Begin the exciting journey toward finding your true love.

WARNING: If you have unresolved emotional issues from your past, even with the help of eHarmony.com your marriage will be either short-lived, or very unhappy unless you first deal with those issues first.

And I believe the best way to do that is to attend or buy the 100% Bible-based recovery program by internationally respected counselors Ron and Nancy Rockey called ''Binding the Wounds.'' If you want true and complete healing, I strongly encourage you to take a minute to learn more.

There's still hope! If you're teachable, you're fixable!

Don't know what supplements to take? Confused by all the hype?
Read UC Berkeley's Wellness Guide to Dietary Supplements and find out what you really need and don't need.

If you're on a low-carb diet, seriously consider going with this one instead. Here's why: | skip

Learn what hormonally incorrect exercise may be doing to your results and your long-term health.
WARNING: The site doesn't have a secure server, so DON'T order the book online. Call 1-888-551-1137 instead. Read the back cover.

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