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Security and Privacy Guide

The Best Option - Use GNU/Linux on a Live CD, DVD or USB Drive with Data on an Encrypted Removable Medium

GNU/Linux Live CD Security Risks


Question: What are the security risks with using a GNU/Linux live CD?

Answer: If a GNU/Linux Live CD is on a CD-R (not rewritable - write once, then read-only), malware (including spyware) and adware will be unable to install themselves on your system, making them unable to:

  1. steal your money, identity or other private data* or
  2. use your computer to send spam or break into other computer systems.

(*That's why some banks have given them to their customers to do their online banking with.)

Linux Live CDs Touted as the Solution to Online-banking Problems

Caution: A GNU/Linux Live CD on a read-only CD-R can't protect you from hardware key loggers, ''recording devices that could be physically installed on your computer's motherboard, inside its box or keyboard, or remote monitoring of your computer activity thru its radio-frequency emissions, such as 'Tempest' attacks.'' - Information on Knoppix-MiB Live CD

Here are some GNU/Linux Live CDs and distributions for USB drives and other removable media that keep your private data secure and private: skip

GNU/Linux Live CDs That Allow Persistent Home Folder Setup


Note: ''Most [GNU/Linux Live CDs] have now refined methods of saving changes to a USB memory stick, or a hard disk partition, or a floppy disk, then at boot a command is passed to tell the computer where to find these saved settings.'' - Puppy Linux

Security and Privacy Guide

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