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How to Securely Erase Private Data


Pornography Addiction / Compulsion Recovery


First of all, I just want you to understand and accept as fact, even if you don't believe it and even if you or your loved one has looked at pornography, that no matter what anyone says, including yourself, you're of infinite value and significance and deserve freedom from addiction, guilt and shame or jealousy and hurt and lasting peace, happiness and meaning in your life.

Were you abused in some way sometime in your past? According to Drs. Ron and Nancy Rockey and other experts, sex or pornography addiction / compulsion is the drug of choice to soothe or cover up conscious or subconscious feelings of inferiority or inadequacy for those who received damage caused by abuse in some form, including rejection in some form, such as neglect or lack of respect or love for their mother and / or themselves, while in their mother's womb and / or during the first seven years of their life.

In other words, as the Rockeys urge such people to understand, no amount of sex or pornography will ever be enough to give you the emotional healing you knowingly or unknowingly crave. And carrying around that baggage is dangerous to our health.

Research done at the University of London and the work of Dr. Hans Eysneck, suggest that unresolved emotional issues are six times more predictive of coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer and diabetes than is a poor diet or lack of exercise.

Guilt, where we've done something wrong or believe we have, when unconfessed becomes shame, where we feel like something or everything is wrong with us, and it's toxic to our health.

How Shame Affects Your Health

Lack of emotional intimacy is also unhealthful. Loneliness can cause high blood pressure, itself a cause of stroke, heart attack, dementia, blindness and kidney disease.

Want to not only conquer and recover from your addiction / compulsion, but also heal the wounds created in yourself and your loved ones during that time and in your childhood and live the life you were meant to enjoy?

I encourage you to attend or buy all 4 segments of The Journey, the main seminar by internationally-respected counselors Drs. Ron and Nancy Rockey, whose seminars are supported by the latest neurological and developmental research.

Or listen to their Binding the Wounds seminar on the Hope Channel with a Windows Media Player (check schedule for broadcast time).

Convert Universal Time Into Your Time

If you prefer, check out the following sites.

Secular (Nonreligious) Resources for Anyone Addicted to or Impacted by Sex or Pornography


Resources for Christians Addicted to or Impacted by Sex or Pornography


How to Erase Private Data on a CD or DVD


Looking for a CD or DVD eraser? Check your CD or DVD recording software for an erasing feature.

''Will Eraser erase CD-RW's and CD-R's [and DVD-RW's and DVD-R's]? You can use Eraser on a CD-RW [or DVD-RW], however you only need to use one pass, as only magnetic media needs multiple passes.''

''You can't use Eraser on CD-R [or DVD-R], as they write protect themselves after the first write. The only way to secure a CD-R [or DVD-R] is to destroy it and then melt down the pieces. If you see a CD-R [or DVD-R] that has been 'erased / deleted,' more likely th[a]n not, just the file directory on the CD [or DVD] was changed, and the data still remains on the CD [or DVD].'' - Heidi Computers Ltd.

How to erase or blank a CD-RW or DVD-RW disk in:

Erasing Private Data on a Flash Memory Card or USB Drive


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