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Tired of being unemployed, scammed or in debt? Of living paycheck to paycheck? Of struggling with your marriage? Of burning your bridges?

Abandon stress, frustration, unhappiness and mediocrity. Learn time-tested secrets and rise to personal, marital, financial and spiritual success.

Let me guess. You don't believe in financial success because money is the root of all evil, right? Well, some people think the Bible says it is and means we should live lives of mediocrity.

But actually, it says it's the love, or lust, of money that's the root of all evil. To be more precise, it says elsewhere that selfishness and conceit are the root cause, resulting in greed and misery.

It also seems to imply God gives some the talent to succeed in their jobs or businesses to help those in need with some of their income - those who can't fend for themselves, with the necessities of life and those who can, with education and opportunities to raise themselves from poverty to success.

Free*, Proven Resources with Simple Steps to Guaranteed*, Easy* Income


The Immense Opportunity: Why Suffering Is Unnecessary

If you are frustrated and unhappy with your job and / or income, lost your retirement fund or your job or business due to the recession, ran out of unemployment benefits some time ago and have spent many hours at job fairs trying to find work or for months have desparately needed more money than you've been earning to help pay the bills or pay off debt...

...I'm very sorry for your loss and the suffering it has caused.... not only because of how harsh and unfair it is, but especially because there's no reason for suffering from a lack of income in this Internet age. It's true. There's such a huge opportunity for legitimate, steady online income, it's a real shame more people aren't aware of it or of how simple that income is to earn.

Yes, There Are Threats to Your Money

WARNING: There are many scams online, especially in the niche marketing and information product sub-niches of the make money online / Internet marketing industry, as you may know or have learned from personal experience.

What's sad is that about 97 percent of those who are aware of the opportunity and have tried to earn an income online, have been unable to, getting frustrated and dissapointed from failure...

...but also unable to without getting scammed or succumming to shiny object syndrome, spending a fortune buying course after expensive course or jumping from system to push-button system, after discovering the last one(s) didn't give them all the pieces of the puzzle, hoping they finally found what will enable them to earn an income or get rich quick online.

The Reasons Why Most Beginners Fail

There Are Legitimate Resources with Simple Steps to Online Income

As with the suffering of those who aren't aware of the opportunity, not only is it sad because it's harsh and unfair that most of those who are aware of it are getting scammed or frustrated and disappointed...

...but especially because there are proven resources that can help you safely earn a steady, legitimate, primary or secondary online income, complete with simple steps, weekly training and support.

It's very unfortunate people have suffered needlessly from ignorance of these facts and I'm sorry if you have too.

The Easiest Niche & Sub-niche For Beginners

All the experts in Internet marketing recognize and recommend affiliate marketing as the easiest niche in which beginners can start earning an income, since you can start promoting other people's products almost right away, instead of having to create your own.

The problem is, if you don't have a very popular blog with a Clickbank tag cloud on it to replace Adsense, which is now quite ineffective, the rest isn't as easy.

1) Your research needs to be done right; 2) Pay Per Click, the fastest and most effective method usually recommended for generating targeted traffic (visitors interested in your offer), takes a considerable amount of time to learn to do right and can be very costly if done wrong; and 3) with the other methods usually recommended it takes a while to generate traffic.

The good news is traffic exchange marketing, when done right, is by far the fastest and easiest sub-niche in the affiliate marketing niche in which to earn an income, as it takes very little time to learn and apply and your risk is very low.

How easy is it to earn a monthly income online with Traffic Exchanges?

Here's how close marketing online can come to being push-button easy: As Scott Douglas, the creator of what I believe is the best resource for beginners put it, "It's remarkably easy to generate hands-free traffic and income once you understand the way Traffic Exchanges actually work and exactly what to advertise for optimum results."

How to Avoid the Online Threats to Your Money

If you stick with the resources I list below on affiliate marketing and traffic exchange marketing, which I strongly urge you to do, you will avoid not only losing money and suffering needlessly as a result, but also damaging or destroying your reputation, which in this age of social networking, where news travels fast and spreads far and wide, is as precious as gold.

How simple is it to safely earn a steady income online?

As list-building expert Janet Legere sees it:

''Generating good solid [leads for your primary business] can be a chore or it can be a very simple act.''

''Marketing online does not have to involve 'Rocket Science' and you don't need to be an 'Internet Guru' or possess extraordinary skills. What you do need is the ability to read and follow directions.''

''So, if you feel you have the very unique skill to be able to read and follow directions, then please read on.''

''As you may know, list-building is one of the major keys to success in business online. The Internet is filled with prospects but without a system to capture them they become elusive prospects to you.''

''Until now...''

''With [a prospecting] system, you can attract hot prospects and develop strong relationships while using and sharing a duplicatible process.''

''Step 1 in this process is having a system to capture your leads.''

''This is where people tend to fail. They sign up for systems ... and then they stop. Either they advertise briefly with no results or they don't advertise at all and their claims to others are 'the systems do not work.' ''

''If you are one of those marketers, then all you need to do is to continue marketing. Over time, you will see results. I guarantee it.''

''Step 2 - [Branding yourself on your banner ads and opt-in page with your first and last name and mugshot, and on your text ads with your first and last name, so people come to know, like and trust you and] advertising your link to [your opt-in page].''

''Step 3 - Setting up your Traffic Exchanges.''

If You Follow the Simple Steps, Your Online Income is Guaranteed

Tired of losing time, effort and money trying to make money online like 97 percent of people who have also tried and failed? There's plenty of hype and misinformation on the Internet by so-called ''gurus,'' and it can get very confusing and discouraging.

But the truth is, anybody can make money online, if you have the right information. This vital information is available in the following free, generic and well-thought out systems.

If you follow the steps in one or more of these systems to build a list of leads, automatically inform prospects, fund your paid advertising with the sale of affiliate products or spend the money on yourself and promote your primary business with free, responsive advertising resources and my help and the help of our success mentors...

...you WILL make money online...how much depends, of course, on how much time you're willing to devote to it.

Why not take advantage of the opportunity telecommuting and the Internet provide to avoid the stress of traffic and a boss and earn an income from home? There are honest, caring and successful people working hard to help others earn a steady and legitimate income online. Why not check out their resources and use them to improve your financial situation and life?

Resources To Learn From & Promote To Your Subscribers

Here are some great, free*, generic, lead-generation systems with training and support by experienced, successful mentors that can help you earn a steady income online. If you're a beginner, the first one is a good choice. But I'll let you decide.

(* the training and contact list-building systems I list below are free money-wise but not time-wise when learning and promoting, and the recommended tools are not free, but are low-cost - income is guaranteed if you follow the simple steps - contrary to popular belief, this form of marketing is not quite push-button easy, but the first system comes very close)

(Just so you know, I've withheld my affiliate IDs from all but one of the links to make it clear I truly believe these sites' owners are reputable and their systems, very effective, if you continue marketing till you see results.)

How to Avoid Scams


Always, ALWAYS check the web sites below before giving a telemarketer or web site your credit card information. Remember, buyer beware.

To avoid scams while working to earn an income online through affiliate marketing, I strongly recommend joining only the sites Scott Douglas at TEProfits.com and Clint Clark at ListQuik.com recommend and avoiding those on Clint's Banned Sites List.

America's Credit Card Debt Crisis


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