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How to Securely Erase Private Data

Disclaimer: These instructions are in no way a guide for thorough erasing of all your private data stored on digital media. For that, please consult an expert.

And they're only intended for honest, law-abiding people who want to keep their very sensitive data on their nonjob-related home computers safe and private. If you were to attempt to use these instructions on a job-related home or office computer, you could be breaking the law.

If you intend to do so, I would much rather you go elsewhere, but if you must continue reading this page and applying these instructions, be aware that you do so at your own risk.

WARNING: Using a secure eraser / wiper / shredder makes your data virtually unrecoverable, in other words, very difficult or prohibitively expensive to recover, so be sure to back up your data before using it, and be careful to erase only the files you no longer want or need.

Note: The following instructions are hidden from sighted visitors and keyword searches with Javascript. If you prefer viewing them without having to click on the links to show them, or want to do a keyword search, or print this page, either disable Javascript in your browser, or view the instructions without Javascript. | skip

CAUTION: Even though you can remove - but not securely erase - your web page or site from Google's or any other search engine's cache, or the Wayback Machine, to avoid predators and the theft of your identity, I strongly recommend being careful anyway not to post or publish any private data online that can identify you.

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