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Want to live a long, happy, healthy, low-stress life? Here's how:

Be Safe


Most Importantly, Get Emotionally Healthy

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As you know all too well, life can be very emotionally painful. You need only live or listen to someone else's experience to be reminded of that.

And you never know when your life could become so emotionally painful that either you might try to end it or your body might give out and you could die from a deadly disease or broken heart caused by the stress that emotional pain creates. Don't believe the second or third scenario is possible or likely?

Research done at the University of London and the work of Dr. Hans Eysneck, suggest that unresolved emotional issues are six times more predictive of coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer and diabetes than is a poor diet or lack of exercise.

And when you suffer extreme or overwhelming emotional stress a very real, potentially fatal disorder known as broken heart syndrome can develop.

So you need to get emotionally healthy if you want to avoid dying prematurely. But even if your life never gets to that point, I may not need to tell you how unbearable all that emotional pain can be.

If you have a negative image of God, such as seeing Him as a tyrant, or have thoughts, feelings and behaviors which have kept you bound in fear, anger, sadness, or feelings of worthlessness, it's possible you suffered trauma or abuse in some way as a child, while your mind was developing.

If as a child you were abused, knowingly or unknowingly by abusive, dysfunctional people - and you may not be aware that you were...

...that abuse damaged your developing mind and character in such a way that you now react to stressful situations and behaviors with the unhealthy emotions you had as a wounded, abused child and maybe also one or more addictions or mental disorders, instead of responding with the emotions of a mature, healthy adult.

Whether your mind and character were damaged by trauma; abuse as a child, teen or adult; your parents' - especially your mother's - dysfunctional behaviors, negative emotions and stress while you were growing in her womb; or by such things your grandparents, great-grandparents or earlier ancestors tainted your genes with (we all inherited these tainted genes, unfortunately, some more tainted than others)...

...always putting off dealing with the damage till tomorrow, or ignoring it, will keep you from getting and staying emotionally, physically and spiritually healthy, and cause you to miss out on a truly wonderful, happy and satisfying life you can experience and enjoy.

But I believe humanistic therapy programs are at best unhelpful, and at worst very damaging. Even 12-step programs, I believe, do not achieve as complete healing as is needed.

Are you sure you want to keep living with the kinds of emotional pain that are unnecessary and avoidable?

...deal with the damage to your mind and character caused by trauma, knowingly or unknowingly abusive, dysfunctional parents, teachers, ministers / clergy, friends, co-workers, strangers, etc., or tainted genes...

...and get freed from those thoughts, feelings and behaviors which have kept you bound in fear, anger, sadness, or feelings of worthlessness. If you're teachable, you're fixable!

Health and Family Links

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