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Security and Privacy Guide

Option 4 - Run Two or More Operating Systems


Don't like Windows' security and privacy issues and would like to switch to a more secure operating system, but keep using Windows because there aren't any alternatives to your favorite Windows-based games or office software, or you don't like the ones that are available?

Let Windows and an alternative operating system coexist on your computer's hard drive(s) with one of the following two options. Then use Windows to play your games and / or use your office software, and an alternative operating system when online (strongly recommended).

Ways to let two or more operating systems coexist on your computer: skip

Option 5 - Get a More Secure Version of Windows

A New Security Feature for Windows XP


ATTENTION: Some CPUs (chips) now have a new security technology AMD calls NX (No eXecute) bit or Enhanced Virus Protection (EVP) and Intel calls Execute Disable Bit or XD Bit. It prevents viruses, trojans and worms that take advantage of buffer overflow from doing their malicious deeds and damaging your system.

CPUs That Have NX or XD Bit:

The latest versions of Windows, GNU/Linux, Mac OS and BSD now have a security feature that supports NX bit. It's called either Data Execution Prevention (DEP) in Windows Vista and Windows XP with Service Pack 2 (SP2); No eXecute or NX in GNU/Linux, Mac OS and NetBSD; Exec Shield in Red Hat Linux; W^X in OpenBSD or PaX in GNU/Linux for chips that don't have NX bit).

For Windows Users: Unless you already have a computer with a CPU that has NX bit, if you want to take advantage of the protection that it provides, and be able to continue using your 32-bit Windows operating system and software, you'll need to either:

  1. upgrade your computer's CPU, or main chip, and BIOS if your computer's motherboard allows for it
  2. upgrade your motherboard and CPU if it doesn't, or
  3. buy a new computer that has a CPU with NX or XD bit.

WARNING: If you buy a computer with a chip other than one that has NX bit to support Vista's or SP2's DEP technology, you won't be protected from some of the most damaging viruses, trojans and worms that are aimed at Windows and its related software programs.

Here are some articles about the new technology and the chips that support it: skip

Security and Privacy Guide

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