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Security and Privacy Guide

Step 8 - Secure Your Private Data

More and more sensitive, private, personal data and money are being stolen or conned / defrauded out of people and businesses for personal or business gain through or from their desktop and laptop computers, cell phones, PDAs and other handheld devices and wireless keyboards and networks, and Google, search software and WHOIS aren't helping either.

Follow the steps in this section, as well as the others on this page, to secure and protect your private data.

I strongly recommend switching to safer software than Internet Explorer, Outlook or Outlook Express, and Microsoft Word. But if you want to keep using them even though they make your private data vulnerable, I recommend securely erasing data you don't need, and then securing these programs, to make your private data less vulnerable.

  1. Secure Your Device Ports: skip
  2. Secure Your Cell Phone or PDA
  3. Secure Your Laptop Against Theft
  4. Securely Erase Private Data You Deleted or Haven't Deleted but No Longer Need
  5. Remove Your Entry from Google's Phonebook Directory
  6. For Webmasters who Own a Domain Name: Pay to have a proxy service keep your contact information private. Otherwise it will be publicly accessible through the WHOIS service.
    • If you registered a dot US domain name with your home phone number and address, I recommend cancelling it, switching to a non-dot-US domain name, and paying to have a domain proxy service keep your contact information private.
  7. For Mac OS Users: Enable Private Browsing in Safari
    • The Safari browser ''protects your personal information on shared or public Macs when surfing the Web. Go ahead and check your bank account and .Mac email at the library or shop for birthday presents on the family Mac.
    • Using Safari's new Private Browsing feature, no information about where you visit on the Web, personal information you enter or pages you visit are saved or cached. It's as if you were never there.'' - Apple Computer, Inc.
  8. Secure Internet Explorer
  9. Secure Opera
  10. For Windows Users: Secure Outlook or Outlook Express skip
  11. Keep Snoops from Maintaining Logs of Your Keyboard Input
  12. Secure Your Laptop Against Theft, If You Have One
  13. Secure Your Wireless Connection, If You Have One: skip
  14. Encrypt Your Private Data

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