"Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal
and give strength to body and soul." - John Muir   Get Kids Outdoors - Get Active - Get Walking


Looking for Brent's Place for cancer patients and their families in Denver, Colorado? The Brent Eley Foundation's web site about Brent's Place is at brentsplace.org.

Ways to Make the World a Better Place

Did you know we could be preventing much of the suffering in this world if we were following God's plan for providing for the needy? skip

Mercy Corps: donate now to help survivors of the Myanmar cyclone.     Mercy Corps: donate now to help survivors of the China earthquake.     adopt a shelter pet!


Get Inspired

  • skip
  • Be the Change (A Short Inspirational Movie)
  • My Hero
  • Profiles of Heroes Awarded the Carnegie Medal by the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission
  • Amazing and Inspiring People
  • Thinkers and Achievers
  • Inspiring True Stories
  • Be Careful Who You Give Your Money To!

    Not all charities are alike. Some spend a larger share of your money doing good than others. Find out which ones have the highest rating for efficiency and financial stability. Then maximize your donation's power for good by supporting them. skip

    3- and 4-Star Charities

    The following is a categorized list of 3- and 4-star charities that are providing such a wonderful service, I feel they're worth every dollar we can give them. (taken from Charity Navigator's uncategorized list) skip

    Free and Easy Ways to Donate


    Protein Research Projects Seeking Cures for Diseases

    Help find the cures for cancer and other diseases with your computer or Sony Playstation 3 when it's idle by joining one of the following protein research projects based on volunteer computing (similar to grid computing, a type of distributed computing). skip

    Note: These protein research projects require installing volunteer computing software provided by the projects.

    WARNING: If you haven't secured your operating system, network, if you have one, and private data, you'll be making them vulnerable to malicious use by going online. I strongly recommend securing your operating system, network and private data first.

    Other Free and Easy Ways to Donate


    Other Ways to Make the World a Better Place


    ''Do You Want To Change The World? Are you eager to find solutions to global problems? Are you moved by inspirational stories? Are you ready to jump from 'caring' to 'doing'? Then host a party, watch a movie and change the world!'' - NewHeroes.org

    Note: Even though the campaign is over, you can order the DVD set from PBS and host your own house party. skip

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