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Security and Privacy Guide

HIPS with a Whitelist


The following also have sandboxing / virtualization technology.

HIPS with a Behavior Blocker


Other HIPS Software

Free HIDS with Anomaly or Misuse / Signature Detection


Other HIDS Software skip



If you want to try out new software and surf the Web safely and securely without fear of infection from malware and theft of private data stored on your hard drive, I strongly recommend running either your operating system and software or at least your browser(s), instant messenger(s), e-mail program and if you have it, Microsoft Word in what's called a sandbox.

Sandboxing and virtualization software, called a hypervisor or monitor, combined with a virtual operating system, called a ''virtual machine'' and a CPU that supports virtualization keep malware and malicious or inexperienced users from making changes to your real operating system by operating in a protected environment called a ''sandbox,'' and remove all malware and changes completely and delete* private data - sanbox software: manually or automatically and a hypervisor with a virtual machine: on reboot.

(*not secure - you need to securely erase your private data yourself with a secure eraser)

''Emulation and instruction translation are valid solutions to problems that system virtualization can't address - namely, crossing architectural boundaries. But their performance, resource requirements, and feature limitations generally render them inadequate for day-to-day operation.''

''One the other hand, virtualization is safe, adaptable, and getting faster. That's what you need.'' - Tom Yager in ''What virtualization is - and what it isn't'' at InfoWorld.com

Security and Privacy Guide

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