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Security and Privacy Guide

Host Intrusion Detection and Prevention

The method of scanning your hard drive for malware after it has infected your system, which requires constant updates, has been made obsolete by the overwhelming and ever-increasing number and types of malware which have been created to exploit or take advantage of security holes or vulnerabilities in operating systems and software.

''Host-based IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) technologies are spurring the evolution of attack protection through a simple premise: If you have to update signatures, you're already too late.'' - IT Architect in IPS Odyssey

That method is now being replaced in more and more schools, libraries and businesses with one that prevents malware from installing or running, or making changes to your real operating system by protecting it with intrusion detection and prevention software - the home / desktop versions are called HIDS (Host-based Intrusion Detection System) and HIPS (Host-based Intrusion Prevention System).

''We're moving beyond the race to build and deploy antimalware signatures and implement hard to use 'behavioral' based solutions.'' - Mike Haro in Labrat Magazine's Adding HIPS to Your Security

''Luxembourg-based SecureWave is touting this [HIPS with a whitelist] as a more logical approach [than HIPS with behavioral analysis and monitoring]. It makes more sense for an administrator to identify and allow what's good than keep up with and struggle to restrict what's bad,'' says Derek Bluestone, director of product management at SecureWave.'' skip

WARNING: ''It is a simple fact that IDS products are not suited to beginners and naive users.'' - ''Intrusion detection software can only protect you if you know how to accurately interpret the warning messages thrown up by these programs. And interpreting these messages is not easy.''

''...being warned is useless unless you have some idea how to respond to the warning. That's why neither Prevx nor WinPatrol [nor any other HIDS or HIPS with a behavior blocker] is suited to non-technical users. If you are a beginner you should seriously consider the $24.95 Plus version of WinPatrol which provides lots of guidance to help you make sense of any warning messages. As a bonus it offers better protection as well.'' - Gizmo (TechSupportAlert.com) skip

Malware authors are getting more clever by the minute. Keep malicious scripts from wreaking havoc on your computer and private information, by using a HIPS with at least a whitelist, if not also a behavior analyzer or monitor and blocker which uses either anomaly or misuse (a.k.a. signature) detection or both, and a HIDS (Host Intrusion Detection System) to complement the HIPS.

If you're not familiar with security software and haven't the slightest idea what words like behavior blocker, anomaly, misuse or signature mean in relation to a HIPS or HIDS, just stick with a HIPS with a whitelist or the PLUS version of WinPatrol, the HIDS that Gizmo recommends for beginners.

Security and Privacy Guide

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