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The Three Angels' Messages

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So what does it mean then to come through Jesus so we can live a peaceful, happy life in this life and then be with God for eternity in infinite bliss?

It means building a friendship with Him, and letting Him guide your life. God is saying to us: I am standing at your heart's door, knocking. Anyone who hears My voice and opens the door will be glad they did, because I will come in and eat with him and he with Me.

''This image signifies intimacy and friendship. Supper, with the ancients, was the principal social meal; and the idea here is, that between our Saviour and those who would receive Him there would be the intimacy which subsists between those who sit down to a friendly meal together.''

''In all countries and times, to eat together, to break bread together, has been the symbol of friendship, and this our Saviour promises here.''

The truths, then, which are taught in this verse are:

(1) the invitation of the gospel is made to all - ''if any man (or woman) hear my voice;''

(2) the first move toward reconciliation and friendship is made by our Saviour - "behold, I stand at the door and knock;''

(3) there is a recognition of our own free choice - ''if any man will hear my voice, and open the door;''

(4) the terms of salvation are simple, represented by ''hearing His voice,'' and ''opening the door;'' and,

(5) the blessing that comes with letting Him in, is a warm, intimate friendship with Him - ''I will sup with him, and he with me.''

Give Jesus First Place in Your Life

''What friend can we possibly have who would confer so many benefits on us as Jesus has promised to give us if we let Him into our lives? Who or what else is there that you would so gladly let rule your life?'' (Paraphrased from Albert Barnes' Notes on the Bible)

Dear reader, please don't let it be things, the pleasures of this world, social position, or even a busy life. Let it be Jesus. And only Jesus.

Why? Four reasons.

1) Because He'll get rid of your restlessness, emptiness, hopelessness and unhappiness. I know. He did that for me. For years I felt those feelings, but now my life is peaceful, meaningful, satisfying, and enjoyable.

2) Because there's nothing like the deep, lasting peace that comes after giving control of our lives, our worry and our cares to Someone who can do way more good with it than we can ever ask or imagine, and certainly more good than we could ever do by ourselves.

3) And because there's nothing like the natural high one feels when meeting and worshiping with ''relatives'' around the world, members of God's family that are looking forward to spending eternity together.

4) But also, because there's an eternity of learning, exploring and blissful happiness waiting for those who are willing to make a close relationship with Jesus more important than everyone and everything else.

Not that living the Christian life is a walk in the park, by any means.

No, once you give your heart and control of your life over to God, He'll take you through many trials for the rest of your life, to remove the traits of your character that would make you unfit for heaven, and develop the traits that will make your character like Christ's.

So you'll have to work hard, sacrifice some things in your life, and maybe go through some very trying times, as I'm having to do (I'm dealing with a chronic derealization disorder), but just know that in the end all who make it to heaven when comparing all the tough times in their lives with the wonders of heaven, will say ''heaven is cheap enough!''

So PLEASE consider my warning:

As you may know all too well, life can be cut short at any moment, when we least expect it, even for those of us who ''know'' we'll live to be a hundred. So don't put off any longer your decision to accept Jesus' gift of eternal life. Accept His gift and let Him rule and guide your life today, right now, while you still can.

You don't want to miss out on a life of incredible peace and happiness in this life and for the rest of eternity, do you? Then please, PLEASE start building your friendship with Jesus today!

Here's how.

Have a negative view of God? Learn the good news about God.

Think the Bible is unreliable as a source of truth? That Jesus was just a good and wise man? That conclusive cases can't be made for the Bible and Jesus' claim to be the God/Man Messiah? You'd be surprised. The overwhelming mountain of factual, historical evidence is too compelling, too convincing to be ignored. Investigate the evidence.

Don't understand everything about God's gift of forgiveness, redemption, salvation and eternal life, but want what He has to offer anyway? Then right now accept His gift and ask Jesus to be your savior, guide and best friend.

Looking for the truth about Jesus and have some questions about Him you'd like answered before accepting His gift? Not sure Jesus is the only way to heaven and eternal life, but are open to studying why the Bible says He is?

If you haven't read in my First Angel's Message section the list of steps to take to live a happy, meaningful life and secure (not earn) eternal life, and in the process help vindicate God, make sure you do that.

And if you haven't checked out my Words of Encouragement and Hope page and my links to web sites with the answers to your questions, check them out. Go ahead. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Then, when the last question you have about Jesus has been answered, accept His gift of eternal life and make Him your best friend and guide. As you look back on this moment for the rest of eternity, you'll be ever so glad you did!

But DON'T DELAY! Do it right then! Or if you put it off for too long, we'll both lose out, because heaven and eternity just won't be the same without you. And I want to introduce you to God, travel the universe together and spend the rest of eternity with you!

So again, DON'T DELAY! Make Jesus your best friend and guide today!

How To Live A Happy, Meaningful Life and Secure (not earn) Eternal Life

Some Words of Encouragement and Hope

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